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    If repair cost is greater than 50% of a new tool we will contact you before we proceed.

A majority of industrial corporations come to us for a more efficient repair process when it comes to hoists, tools, electric winches and a variety of other industrial components and equipment.

What do we do?

When it comes to repairing your equipment – before doing anything else, we engage in a thorough and analytical inspection of your equipment. After we get to the bottom of the problem, we will provide you with a complete quote on the repair of said equipment.

We Repair your Tools and Hoist in-House

At Tool and Hoist Solutions, we consider outsourcing your repair specifications a cardinal sin. Every single aspect of your repair job is well taken care of in-house. We have the resources, tools and the diligence to repair your old and broken hoist – converting into something more durable. All our factory technicians have the experience and the skills to transcend your expectations.

Our technicians are authorized to repair tools and hoists of all shapes and sizes and mainly include air tools, high pressure hydraulic pumps, cylinders and air tools.

All tools that we repair are subject to an authentic load test before we move them out to your site. And with an expansive site, we can accommodate numerous projects in a single go.