About Us – Tool and Hoist Solutions

At Tool and Hoist Solutions.com, our primary focus is to provide our clients with a comprehensive array of industrial grade power tools, which includes providing them with helpful, efficient and high quality repair services as well.

We offer repairs for all types of industrial tools and provide free quotes. Following is a list of repair services we effectively provide:

Hoist and Winch

At Tool and Hoist Solutions.com we repair and test, chain and wire rope hoists (air, electric and manual). We also repair and maintain air winches. On-site evaluation and inspection of your hoists is a value added service that we are happy to provide. In addition to the lifting devices, we offer a variety of lifting slings and hooks.

Air Tools and Motors

We have dedicated professionals and experts who can quickly analyze and evaluate your application and recommend the best air tool, drills, percussion tools, air motors, chippers, grinders for your needs.

Repairing Assembly Tools

At Tool and Hoist Solutions.com, we can also provide you with meticulous repair services when it comes to repairing worn and damaged assembly tools like electric screwdrivers, pulse tools, inline tools, impact tools, etc.

Expertise in Air Diaphragm Pump Repair

Our professionals can perform quick and long lasting repairs for all brands of air diaphragm pumps and displacement pumps.

Tools and Hoist Solutions.com is a complete, one-stop-shop for your power tool, pumps and hoist needs. If you are looking for reliable repair services or looking for a replacement we have what you are looking for and are ready to help. Call today 1.800.375.5678